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Our Philosophy

At the South Dakota Robotics Association, we feel that every child has the capacity for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). So much technology swirls around us everyday, phones and music players, book readers and computers. We're a plugged-in society. Kids are losing an interest in STEM, viewing it as too hard. SDRA combats this disinterest in science by making it fun. Actually, it takes little to make science fun - very quickly the kids realize the intrinsic value and fun in doing and learning by experiment. Although it sounds tough, engineering really is exciting, and worthwhile...

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As SDRA prepares for exciting changes and statewide expansion, we are working on finding the best way to reach students across the state. Because of this, we will be temporarily closing our robotics classroom space in Sioux Falls in order to focus on the FIRST programs and our expansion plan. We have had a blast in the last two years working with all the students that have come through our programs there - thank you to all the families that joined us for learning and fun! Classes will be back - stay tuned for more information regarding educational opportunities in the Sioux Falls area and beyond!